Signs of Termite Activity

Termites can be hard to see until they've caused extensive damage to a structure. At this stage the affected surfaces will become soft and you can easily penetrate the timber. Termites can keep feeding on the timber   right until they reach paint. If you find yourself in this situation do not disturb or spray the areas yourself as this will encourage termites to go to another area.

Some signs that could indicate Termite Activity include:

Mud Leads & Tunnels

Mud leads or Tunnels are made by termites as they track along the external or internal of a structure (brickwork, walls, concrete posts, concrete slabs and other dense structural materials) is a strong sign that your building is at risk of termite infestation. Termites travel through these mud tunnels when it is not easy for them to burrow through an object in search of food and water.

 Termite Mud Leads & Tunnels

Damaged wood

Wood damage could be an indicator of termite infestation. Wood that yields a hollow, thudding sound when struck by a screwdriver or hammer should be examined by a professional pest technician.

 Termite Damaged Wood

Arboreal nests

Termite nests that commonly look like growths on trees are referred to as Aboreal nests. It is common for non-dangerous species of Termites to make these nests, however it is also common for termites that feed on timber housing materials to build similar nests.

 Arboreal Termite Nest

Alates (winged reproductive termite)

An indication is the presence of wings, discarded by Alates as a normal part of their behavior. Alates are a winged reproductive of a termite and you can generally find them swarming in the evenings of the warmer months of September through to February. This is a sign that a termite colony is close by. The fully winged Alates leave the colony during the colonising flight to set up new colonies. If you haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 12 months it is strongly recommended that a full Termite Inspection is carried out in accordance with AS 3660.2. 

Termite Alate

What should you do if you suspect Termite Activity?

You should contact Surekil Pest Control as soon as possible to come out and carry out a Termite Inspection and assess any signs of Termite Activity.