Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Surekil Pest Control provides Pre-construction Termite Protection in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1:2014 Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work and AS 3660.2:2017 Termite Management Part 2: In and Around Existing Buildings.


HomeGuard Penetrations InstallationPhysical Termite Barrier

A physical termite barrier is installed at the time of construction and is designed to prevent concealed termite entry to a structure by forcing termites to track over the physical barrier, enabling termite inspectors to visually identify termite mudding.

Surekil Pest Control are accredited to install a number of leading Pre-Construction Termite Protection Systems including HomeGuard and TERM-Seal.





SX Reticulation InstallTermite Reticulation System

A termite reticulation system is pipe work with emitter holes and filler points that is installed in the trench at the same time that the Chemical Barrier is installed. At a later date, chemical can then be pumped through the pipe work to replenish the chemical in the soil and restablish the Chemical Barrier.

Surekil Pest Control work with the leading reticulation systems including SX Reticulation, TermX and Altis.