Multi Facet Donger



Termite DongerThe time proven termite detection tool, the "Donger” has been around in various forms as long as we have been checking homes for termites. This has been the industry standard up to now. Though how effective are these tools?

The idea of the 'donger' is to 'sound' the timber for hollow areas that may suggest termite damage. This is normally done by tapping the timber with the donger. By tapping the timber with a round ball the actual area sounded is the size of a 2mm dot. 


Normal Donger Surface Area

The “Multi Facet Donger” (MFD) has been designed by Trade Management Systems to offer the greatest surface contact between the face of the “Donger” and the timber being checked - therefore achieving the best possible chance of finding any termite damage. 

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Multi Facet Donger Surface Area

The rounded face of the MFD can be used for conventional “Tapping”, however, the best results are achieved by running the appropriate face of the MFD along the timber being checked  - the actual surface area checked by the MFD is maximised and therefore greatly reduces the risk of missing Termite damage.