Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my house from termites?

Surekil Pest Control are termite specialists and use two methods of termite control:

  • Chemical Barriers
  • Exterra

What is a chemical barrier?

A chemical barrier is a barrier created around the external perimeter of a building by digging a trench down to the footings of the building and then treating and replacing the soil.

When do you use an internal treatment? What is the difference between an internal treatment a chemical barrier?

The use of an internal treatment is dependant upon the type of construction of the property. Internal treatments are used in conjunction with chemical barriers and are normally carried out by injecting the chemical through holes drilled in the concrete slab.

What is Exterra?

Exterra is a proactive termite monitoring and baiting system designed to eliminate the colony or colonies in the vicinity of or attacking your home. It is a Termite Interception & Baiting System.

How does Exterra Work?

Especially designed Exterra Bait Stations are placed at carefully selected points in the ground around the perimeter of your home. Each Exterra Station contains pieces of non-toxic timber that termites are known to prefer to eat. These stations are then regularly inspected for termite activity. Once activity has been detected, bait is then added to the active stations, without disturbing the termites. This bait contains Alpha cellulose which is the termite’s favourite food and Requiem the active ingredient which kills the colony.

What do you do that makes you different from other Pest Control Companies?

We are an owner operated, service based company, and only offer workmanship of the highest quality standards, not just a quick fix. 

When your technicians are in my home, how do I know I can trust them?

All our technicians are fully checked out and have current National Police Checks. We carry out work at many retirement villages and complexes and are often being given keys to unoccupied homes.

Why should I choose you?

A. All our technicians are fully qualified, licensed and insured.  We have a service warranty system in place for our treatments, which ensures that customer satisfaction is not only received on the day, but throughout the life of the service warranty. 

I can get my termites treated for cheap by a friend/ or treat by myself with some chemicals from the hardware store.

There is no such thing as a cheap treatment for termites. To successfully eradicate a termite colony a full understanding of termite ecology and how to effectively treat the species present is required. We are often engaged to rectify “Cheap” treatments. Surekil Pest Control only uses state of the art equipment, technology and chemicals to ensure that your property is protected by technicians that are of the highest calibre and backed by a company you can trust.

I have found termites in my home or on my property, what should I do?

DON’T TOUCH THEM – if you have already disturbed them then cover them up and ring Surekil. If disturbed, termites will often leave the workings making it difficult to identify the termites and treat them.

We will recommend a full Termite Inspection (if you haven’t already had one) to isolate unseen damaged areas such as sub-floor areas.

We will explain what options are available to treat the termites and protect your home in the future.  We will give you free quotations for our recommended treatments and can do obligation free quotes for treatment and prevention in eradicating termite nests.

Someone told me that termites attack 1 in 5 properties – this can’t be true??

CSIRO statistics show that 1 in 5 homes are attacked by termites, however that is Australia wide – in the area of Northern rivers and the Gold coast it is more likely to be 1 in 3.

I have seen those horror examples of termite damage on the TV reports – how can they happen?

Most houses that have major termite damage are the ones that have not had regular Termite Inspections and the termites have been allowed to have a free smorgasbord for many months or even year, or, they have   had Termite Inspections carried out by inexperienced or unqualified people who may have missed the infestation. Houses that are inspected at least annually rarely have major structural damage if termites gain entry.

I had a Termite Inspection 6 months ago and now have termites in my home – how can that happen?

Most of the time home owners pay for a Termite Inspection to be carried out and are happy that there were no termites in the house on the day of the inspection – however they do not read the report or follow the recommendations made by the professional termite inspector.

I have been told that termites fly?

Termites do fly – a small percentage of the termite colony develop wings - these are the new reproductive termites, the Kings and the Queens. They swarm out of the nest when it is humid, normally before or after a storm, and from October to January these termites mate and form new colonies.

I have been told that if I have black ants then I won’t have termites as the black ants eat the termites?

This is a common fallacy, yes the black ants eat termites, however, termites live in sealed mud tubes so it is difficult for the ants to gain access to the termites. If the ants do gain access to the termite workings then the termite colony may have up to 4 million termites and a black ant colony has only a few thousand ants.  Also, the soldier termites fight off the ants whilst the worker termites block up any breach where the black ants have gained entry to the termite workings. 

Do you offer a warranty on your termite treatments?

We offer various warranties and insurance policies which can cover most homes that we have treated for up to $100,000.00.

The company that has given me a quote to treat my termites has said that they will give me a 10 year warranty so I am fully covered!

There is no such thing as a 10 year warranty for termites - read the terms of any “warranty” offered – if in doubt then call Surekil Pest Control and we can explain what different warranties cover.

Termite treatments are expensive – can I pay for them monthly?

Most of Surekil Pest Control full treatments offer a “No Interest Payment Plan”.

A company has sprayed the inside of my wall cavity to treat the termites – I don’t need any other treatment as the termites are now dead.

Absolutely WRONG. These chemical spot treatments will not kill the termite colony (unless the actual termite nest is in the cavity which is very rare). If a termite bait (food) is used then, if feeding occurs and enough bait is consumed, the colony may be eliminated.  However, it is still considered essential to install full protection to the property.

I found termites in a timber retaining wall in my garden. I removed the timber wall so my house should be OK now?

No – the termites were feeding on the timber wall – all that has happened is the food source has been removed so the termites will now have to forage out to find a new food supply.

I found termites in a timber retaining wall in my garden. I’ll leave it there so the termites can keep feeding on this timber and won’t attack the house.

No – the more food the termites have - the more eggs the Queen will lay.  The more food the termites need – more termites foraging for a new food source – HOUSE HERE THEY COME!!

Can we ever beat the termites?

NO, BUT, Surekil Pest Control can protect your home.