Chemical Barriers

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The chemicals that are used to kill termites are called termiticides, these chemicals can be used to both kill active termites and to create a protective Chemical Barrier.

Surekil Pest Control only uses market leading products such as Termidor and Ultrathor for reliable protection against termites.

What is a Chemical Barrier for Termites?

A Chemical Barrier is a termiticide-treated layer of soil surrounding and where applicable under a building. Surekil Pest Control has fully licensed and experienced Technicians able to install Chemical Barriers in accordance with AS 3660.2:2017 Termite Management Part 2: In and around existing buildings and structures. We use only the best termiticides available with active ingredients such as Bifenthrin and Fiprinol, depending on the application or your choice.

How do Chemical Termite Barriers work?

Digging a Chemical Barrier TrenchThe chemical barrier is applied around the external perimeter of the building by digging a trench down to the footings of the building and, depending on the type of construction of the property, around the internal perimeter walls; in a few cases it may be necessary to treat around internal walls. Internal treatments are normally carried out by injecting the chemical through holes drilled in the concrete slab.

The purpose of the trench is to expose the footings, pipe penetrations and remove potential problems like tree roots, clay or other debris. The trench is then flooded with a large volume of termiticide as the soil is replaced in the trench creating a continuous protective barrier around your home.

A chemical barrier will normally take only a day to install with very little upset to your daily routine. Considering the fact that a home is the largest single investment most Australian families will ever make, protecting its value is not much trouble at all.

SX Reticulation InstallTermite Reticulation Systems

A termite reticulation system is pipe work with emitter holes and filler points that is installed in the trench at the same time that the Chemical Barrier is installed. At a later date, chemical can then be pumped through the pipe work to replenish the chemical in the soil and restablish the Chemical Barrier.

Surekil Pest Control work with the leading termite reticulation systems including SX Reticulation, TermX and Altis.

Are Chemical Barriers environmentally friendly?

From an environmental standpoint, chemical barriers are the perfect choice for keeping termites out of your home. The chemical is insoluble in the soil, so the barrier stays exactly where you need it.


At Surekil we recognise that some people have allergies to various substances including those in prescribed medication, a variety of household products such as washing detergents, paints, insecticides and some cosmetic items. In order to provide complete peace of mind we recommend that you discuss any medical or allergic conditions with our termite specialists prior to having your barrier installed.

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