Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems

What is a Termite Monitoring & Baiting System?

EXTERRA Termite Monitoring and Baiting System

Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems typically consist of containers or stations as they are commonly known, inserted into the ground, including through concrete, at regular intervals and strategic postions. Depending on the manufacturer of the system, the stations will contain one or more termite food sources, these can be in the form of simple timber inserts or blocks through to high density rods that have a termiticide within.


How do Termite Monitoring & Baiting Systems work?

Termite Monitoring and Baiiting Systems work by intercepting foraging termites in the stations that have been placed around a property and by providing the termites with a preferred food, concentrates their feeding in those stations, the food source is then fed to the entire colony, resulting in the elimination of that colony.

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